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Simple Steps To Wake Up With More Energy

Everyone loves to wake up fresh in the morning, but few factors disturb our night sleep and make us feel tired in the morning. Quality of sleep is more important than the quantity of sleep. By changing certain habits, we can get a good night sleep and wake up fresh in the morning.

How To Wake Up Feeling Energetic

Food habits

Eating dinner just before going to bed will cause indigestion resulting in heartburn and acid reflux. Give ample time for digestion before falling asleep and see how fresh you feel when you wake up in the morning.

It is not advisable to have foods like caffeinated drinks coffee and aerated drinks, chocolates and wine for dinner. These foods not only result in indigestion but also lead to a disturbed sleep forcing you to wake up exhausted in the morning.

Sleep ambiance

Refrain from having TV or a music system on while going to bed. It may help you fall asleep but the same will disturb you from going deep asleep. Turn the bright light off as this may affect your eyes and sleep. If you need a night light, get a dim light in soothing colors that won’t disturb your sleep. You can manage disturbances inside your house, but outside noises cannot be controlled. Wear earplugs to keep yourself undisturbed.

Use your bed only for sleeping or being intimate with your partner. Tune your body to relax in bed. Do not eat, read, watch TV, or work in your bed. These habits will force you to stay awake.

Make sure your room is not suffocating and stuffy with hard beds and pillows. Have proper air circulation and maintain a soothing temperature. Choose a comfortable bed and pillows. Maintain a sleep routine and tune your body clock to sleep and wakeup at the same time everyday. You can bet a good night sleep with these arrangements.

Relaxed mind

You cannot get a good sleep with a heavy heart. Try to sort out all the problems with your partner and family members and go to bed happily. Release all your tensions by praying and through meditation to get a relaxed sleep.

Avoid sleeping pills

Avoid sleeping pills unless prescribed by the doctor. If this becomes a habit, it will become tough to fall asleep without popping one.

Empty your tummy

Empty your tummy before going to bed to avoid waking up frequently.

Keep your alarm away

This is a good habit as you won’t turn it off and continue sleeping. By the time you realize and turn it off, you are already awake.

Steps to Remain Fresh All Day

Get up right away

Do not snooze your alarm and go back to sleep. Get up from your bed the moment you are awake. This will kick start your body and keep you fresh.

Eliminate body toxins

Drinking lukewarm water with an empty stomach will clear your body toxins keeping you fresh.

Meditate and exercise

Physical and mental exercises will keep our mind peaceful and help you stay fresh the whole day.

Energize your mind with some good thoughts

Do not worry about the problems you’ll face, instead enjoy your day with enthusiastic thoughts.

Follow these steps and have a good night sleep and wakeup fresh in the morning.

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